Thursday, September 15

Preliminary Program – Day 1

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12:00 Registration and Welcome Coffee

12:30  Welcome Notes and Introduction
Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland)

12:40  Status of the ECNM in 2022 and Future Perspectives
Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria) & Massimo Triggiani (Salerno, Italy)

12:50  Presentation of the Researcher of the Year 2022
            Massimo Triggiani (Salerno, Italy) & Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria)

12:55  Lecture of the Researcher of the Year 2022 
            Development of Diagnostic Criteria and a Classification of MCAS
            Cem Akin (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

     13:25 Coffee Break 

13:40  Session I: Diagnostic Workup and Prognostication in Systemic Mastocytosis
            Chairs: Tracy George (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) & Michael Doubek (Brno, Czech Republic)

13:40 Standards of Pathology in the Diagnosis of SM and Updated WHO Criteria
            Karl Sotlar (Salzburg, Austria)

14:00 Histologic Response Assessment in Advanced SM
            Tracy George (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)

14:20 Special Challenges in Pathologic Workup and Grading of SM
            Hans-Peter Horny (Munich, Germany)

14:40 Pathologic Features of Extramedullary Organ Involvement in SM
            Alexandar Tzankov (Basel, Switzerland)

     15:00 Coffee Break

15:15  Session II: Molecular Characterization in Mastocytosis
           Chairs: Alberto Orfao (Salamanca, Spain) & Michel Arock (Paris, France)

15:15 Standards of Genetic Testing in the Diagnosis and Prognostication of SM
            Gregor Hoermann (Munich, Germany)

15:35 Updated Consensus on KIT Mutation Analysis in Mastocytosis: Application to Diagnosis, Prognosis and Follow-Up
            Michel Arock (Paris, France)

15:55 Acquired Genetic Variants and Their Prognostic Impact in SM
            Ivan Alvarez-Twose (Toledo, Spain)

16:15  Keynote Lecture: Role of Dynamin-Related Protein 1 in Mast Cell Activation
           Stephen J. Galli (Stanford, CA, USA)

     16:45 Coffee Break 

17:00  Session III: Mast Cell Activation Syndromes and Hereditary Alpha-Tryptasemia
            Chairs: Mariana Castells (Boston, MA, USA) & Dean D. Metcalfe (Bethesda, MD, USA)

17:00 Classification and Prognostication of MCAS in 2022
            Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria)

17:20 Baseline and Transiently Increased Tryptase in ISM and HT
            Lawrence B. Schwartz (Richmond, VA, USA)

17:40 Tryptase Genotyping in Mast Cell Disorders: Diagnostic Implications and Clinical Presentation
            Jon Lyons (Bethesda, MD, USA)

18:00 Clinical Characteristics in Subjects with HT: A Critical Data Review
            Cem Akin (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

18:20 Summary of DAY 1 and Announcements
            Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland) & Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria)

     18:30 Dinner