Saturday, September 17

Preliminary Program – Day 3

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8:00 Welcome Coffee 

8:15    Welcome & Introduction 
            Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland) & Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria) 

08:20  Session VIII: Anaphylaxis in Mast Cell Diseases
            Chairs: Patrizia Bonadonna (Verona, Italy) & Marek Niedoszytko (Gdansk, Poland) 

08:20  Anaphylaxis in Patients with Mast Cell Disorders
            Theo Gülen (Stockholm, Sweden) 

08:40  Frequency and Management of Peri-Operative Anaphylaxis in Mastocytosis
            Hanneke Oude Elberink (Groningen, The Netherlands) 

09:00 Clinical and Flow Cytometric Characteristics of Patients with Primary Mast Cell Disorders with Anaphylaxis
            Vito Sabato (Antwerp, Belgium) 

09:20 Multidisciplinary Personalized Treatment of Patients with Mastocytosis
            Patrizia Bonadonna (Verona, Italy) 

     09:40 Coffee Break 

09:55  Session IX: Treatment and Evaluation of Response in Non-Advanced Mastocytosis
            Chairs: Hanneke Kluin-Nelemans (Groningen, The Netherlands) & Ivan Alvarez-Twose (Toledo, Spain) 

09:55 Current Developments in Treatment of Non-Advanced SM
            Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland) 

10:15 Treatment and Response Assessment in Pediatric Mastocytosis
            Melody Carter (Bethesda, MD, USA) 

10:35 Assessment of Quality-of-Life in Mastocytosis
            Marek Niedoszytko (Gdansk, Poland) 

10:55 Treatment Response Criteria in Non-Advanced SM
            Frank Siebenhaar (Berlin, Germany) 

11:15 Experience with Highly Sensitive KIT D816V mutation analysis in Assessment of Treatment Response in Mastocytosis
            Sigurd Broesby-Olsen (Odense, Denmark) 

     11:35 Coffee Break 

11:50 Session X: COVID-19 Infection and Vaccination in Mastocytosis and Mast Cell Activation Syndromes
            Chairs: Deepti Radia (London, UK) & Theo Gülen (Stockholm, Sweden) 

11:50 COVID-19 Infection in Patients with Mast Cell Disorders
            Mariana Castells (Boston, MA, USA) 

12:10 Outcome of COVID-19 Vaccinations in Clonal and Non-Clonal MCAS
Matthew Giannetti (Boston, MA, USA) 

12:30 Effective Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Immune Response in Clonal Mast Cell Disorders
Olivier Hermine (Paris, France) 

     12:50 Lunch Break 

13:50 Session XI: Hot Topics in Research in Mastocytosis and Mast Cells
            Chairs: Gunnar Nilsson (Stockholm, Sweden) & Olivier Hermine (Paris, France) 

13:50 The In Vitro Effects of Avapritinib and Nintedanib on Neoplastic Cells in Patients with SM and SM-AHN
            Lina Degenfeld-Schonburg (Vienna, Austria) 

14:00 Serum Levels of TIM-3 and GAL-9 in Mastocytosis
            Martina Konantz (Basel, Switzerland) 

14:10 Stimulation of Mast Cells by Tumor-Derived Extracellular Vesicles
            Yoseph Mekori (Tel-Aviv, Israel) 

14:20 Altered Innate Immune Profile in Blood of SM Patients
            Alba Perez-Pons & Andres Garcia-Montero (Salamanca, Spain) 

14:30 Expression and Modulation of Siglec Molecules on Normal and Neoplastic Mast Cells and Basophils
            Dubravka Smiljkovic (Vienna, Austria) 

14:40 Prevalence of Clonal Mast Cell Disorders in the Veneto Region in Italy
            Roberta Zanotti (Verona, Italy) 

14:50 Involvement of the Hedgehog Pathway in Advanced SM
            Leila Maouche Chretien (Paris, France) 

     15:00 Coffee Break 

15:15 Session XII: Perspectives and Wishes of Patient Support Groups in Mast Cell Disorders
            Chairs: Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland) & Cem Akin (Ann Arbor, MI, USA) 

15:15 Perspectives of European Patient Support Groups
            Jessica S. Hobart (UK) & Nicole Hegmann (Germany) 

15:30 Perspectives of US Patient Support Groups
            Susan Jennings (USA) & Valerie M. Slee (USA) 

15:45 Perspectives of Australian Patient Support Groups
            Kristin Sinclair (Australia) & David Mayne (Australia) 

16:00 Wishes of Patients and Open Exchange with All 

16:25 Summary of DAY 3 and Closing Remarks
            Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland) & Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria) 

     16:30 End of the Meeting