Friday, September 16

Preliminary Program – Day 2

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8:00 Welcome Coffee 

8:15   Welcome & Introduction
           Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland) & Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria) 

8:20   Session IV: ECNM Registry Projects
           Chairs: Wolfgang R. Sperr (Vienna, Austria) & Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria) 

8:20   Overview of Projects and Project Discussion
           Wolfgang R. Sperr (Vienna, Austria) 

8:40   Summary and Status of First Wave Projects
           Massimo Triggiani (Salerno, Italy) & Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria)

9:00   Summary and Status of Second Wave Projects
           Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria) & Massimo Triggiani (Salerno, Italy) 

9:20 Third Wave Projects 

9:20  Pure Cutaneous Mastocytosis in Adults (PR18)
          Knut Brockow (Munich, Germany) 

9:30   Subtypes of AHN: Course & Prognostic Features in Variants (PR19)
           Olivier Hermine (Paris, France) 

9:40   Bone Lesions and Related Symptoms in Mastocytosis (PR20)
           Selim Yavuz (Rockville, MD, USA) 

09:50 Prognostic Impact of the Percentage of Mast Cells in BM Smears versus BM Histologies (PR21)
           Vito Sabato (Antwerp, Belgium) 

10:00 Diagnostic and Prognostic Impact of Cytogenetic Abnormalities (PR22)
           Dominique Bullens & Christine Breynaert (Leuven, Belgium) 

10:10 Prognostic Impact of Platelet Counts in SM (PR23)
           Deborah Christen & Jens Panse (Aachen, Germany) 

     10:20 Coffee Break 

10:35 Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Wave Projects 

10:35 Mastocytosis and the Risk of Development of Melanoma
           Anna Bergström, Hans Hägglund & Gunnar Nilsson (Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden) 

10:45 Pediatric Mastocytosis: Clinical Features and Course (PR29)
           Magdalena Lange & Marek Niedoszytko (Gdansk, Poland) 

10:55 Prognostic Impact of Monocytosis in Mastocytosis (PR30)
           Friederike Wortmann & Nikolas von Bubnoff (Luebeck, Germany) 

11:05 Evaluation of Inflammation Parameters in Mastocytosis (PR31)
           Christos Fokoloros (Athens, Greece) 

11:15 Impact of Region and Referral Site Type in Mastocytosis (PR32)
           Knut Brockow (Munich, Germany) 

11:25 Allogenic SCT in Patients with Advanced SM (PR34)
           Khalid Shoumariyeh (Freiburg, Germany) 

11:35 Impact of CD2, CD25 and CD30 Expression on MC in SM (PR36)
           Axel Rüfer (Luzern, Switzerland) 

11:45 Impact of Additional Mutations in ISM and SSM on OS and PFS (PR37)
           Michael Doubek (Brno, Czech Republic) 

11:55 Impact of Specific Allergies in Mastocytosis (PR38)
           Hanneke Oude Elberink (Groningen, The Netherlands) 

12:05 Additional Registry Projects, Summary and Discussion
           Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria) and ECNM Registry Group 

     12:15 Lunch Break 

13:15 Closed ECNM Registry Steering Committee Meeting 

     14:15 Coffee Break 

14:30 Session V: Novel Treatments in Advanced Systemic Mastocytosis
           Chairs: Jason Gotlib (Stanford, CA, USA) & Andreas Reiter (Mannheim, Germany) 

14:30 Efficacy and Safety of Avapritinib in Advanced SM
           Jason Gotlib (Stanford, CA, USA) 

14:50 Efficacy of Avapritinib versus Best Available Therapy in Advanced SM
           Andreas Reiter (Mannheim, Germany) 

15:10 Clinical Activity and Safety of Bezuclastinib in Advanced SM
           Daniel DeAngelo (Boston, MA, USA) 

15:30 Treatment Response Criteria in Advanced SM
           Juliana Schwaab (Mannheim, Germany) 

15:50 Coffee Break 

16:05 Session VI: Skin Involvement in Mastocytosis and Pediatric Mastocytosis
           Chairs: Melody Carter (Bethesda, MD, USA) & Magdalena Lange (Gdansk, Poland) 

16:05 Skin Lesions in Mastocytosis: Classification and Response Criteria
           Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland) 

16:25 Pediatric Mastocytosis: Clinical Manifestations and Natural Course
           Magdalena Lange (Gdansk, Poland) 

16:45 Histologic Characteristics of Skin Lesions in Mastocytosis
           Knut Brockow (Munich, Germany) 

17:05 Coffee Break 

17:20 Session VII: Novel Biomarkers in Mastocytosis
           Chairs: Massimo Triggiani (Salerno, Italy) & Lawrence B. Schwartz (Richmond, VA, USA) 

17:20 Keynote Lecture: Expression and Function of CD25 in Human Mast Cells and
Implications for Health and Disease
           Dean D. Metcalfe (Bethesda, MD, USA) 

17:50 Blood-Circulating Mast Cells: Diagnostic, Prognostic and Functional Impact in SM
           Alberto Orfao (Salamanca, Spain) 

18:10 Biomarkers of Mast Cell Expansion and Activation in Mast Cell Disorders
           Joseph H. Butterfield (Rochester, MN, USA)

18:30 Summary of DAY 2 and Announcements
           Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland) & Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria) 

     19:00 Dinner