Saturday 05.10.2019

8:10 Welcome Coffee

8:30 Session 6: Management and Therapy of Advanced SM
Chairs: H. Kluin-Nelemans & C. Akin
8:30 Mast Cell Sarcoma: Management and Therapeutic Options
Karoline V. Gleixner (Vienna, Austria)
8:50 Avapritinib in Systemic Mastocytosis: Update of Ongoing Trials
Jason Gotlib (Stanford, CA, USA)
Therapeutic Options in Mast Cell Leukemia: Status 2019
Andreas Reiter (Mannheim, Germany)
9:30 Use of KIT TKI in Various Forms of Advanced SM
Ivan Alvarez-Twose (Toledo, Spain)

9:50 Coffee Break

10:20 Session 7: Basic and Translational Science
Chairs: L.B. Schwartz & T. George
10:20 iPSC-Derived Mast Cells in SM: A New Research Tool
Martin Zenke (Aachen, Germany)
10:40 Niche-Mediated Resistance of Neoplastic Mast Cells
Gregor Eisenwort (Vienna, Austria)
11:00 Checkpoint Expression in Neoplastic Mast Cells in SM
Tracy George (Salt Lake City, UT, USA)
11:20 Evaluation of DAO as a novel marker of MCAS and a
Potential Therapeutic in Mastocytosis
Thomas Böhm and Bernd Jilma (Vienna, Austria)
11:40 Comparison of MARS, IPSM, Mayo, and REMA Scores in SM
Javier I. Muñoz-Gonzalez & Alberto Orfao (Salamanca, Spain)

12:00 Session 8: Late Breaking Abstracts
Chairs: K. Sotlar & O. Hermine
12:00 KIT Mutation Analysis in Clinical Practice – the MastOUH Experience
Thomas K. Kristensen (Odense, Denmark)
12:15 Role of Cytokines in the Pathogenesis of SM
Gregor Hörmann (Innsbruck & Vienna, Austria)
12:30 Quantification of QoL in Mastocytosis: Status 2019
Sigurd Broesby-Olsen (Odense, Denmark)
12:45 CDK4/CDK6 Inhibition: a Potent Approach to block Growth of Neoplastic
Mast Cells and Synergism with KIT-targeting TKI
Mathias Schneeweiss-Gleixner (Vienna, Austria)
13:00 Closing Remarks and Announcements
Karl Sotlar (Salzburg, Austria) and Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria)

13:10 End of Meeting