Friday 04.10.2019

8:10 Welcome Coffee

8:30 Session 4: ECNM Registry Projects
Chairs: W.R. Sperr & P. Valent
8:30 Overview of Projects and General Issues
Wolfgang R. Sperr (Vienna, Austria)
8:50 Summary and Status of First Wave Projects
Peter Valent (Vienna, Austria)
9:30 Second Wave Projects
9:30 Characterization and Prognosis in Smoldering SM (PR12)
Karin Hartmann (Basel, Switzerland)
9:40 Clinical Impact of Organomegaly in Patients with SM (PR13)
Mohamad Jawhar & Andreas Reiter (Mannheim, Germany)
9:50 Impact of Body Mass Index in Patients with Mastocytosis (PR14)
Aleksandra Gorska & Marek Niedoszytko (Gdansk, Poland)
10:00 Clinical Features and Course in various Forms of ASM (PR15)
Khalid Shoumariyeh & Nikolas von Bubnoff (Freiburg, Germany)
10:10 Clinical Course of Patients with diverse Variants of MCL (PR16)
Jason Gotlib (Stanford, USA)
10:20 Features, Course and Prognosis in Typical ISM (PR17)
Jakub Trizuljak & Michael Doubek (Brno, Czech Republic)

10:30 Coffee Break

11:00 Third Wave Projects
11:00 Pure Cutaneous Mastocytosis in Adults: Clinical Features/Course (PR18)
Julia Winkler, Hans-Peter Horny, Knut Brockow (Munich, Germany)
11:10 Sub-types of AHN: Course & Prognostic Features in AHN-Variants (PR19)
Olivier Hermine (Paris, France)
11:20 Bone Lesions and related Symptoms in Mastocytosis: Clinical and Laboratory Correlates and Clinical Significance (PR20)
Akif Selim Yavuz (Istanbul, Turkey)
11.30 Prognostic Impact of the Percentage of Mast Cells in BM Smears versus BM Histologies (PR21)
Vito Sabato (Antwerpen, Belgium)
11:40 Diagnostic and Prognostic Impact of Cytogenetic Abnormalities (PR22)
Christine Breynaert (Leuven, Belgium)
11:50 Prognostic Impact of Platelet Counts in SM and Comparison to Hb and ANC (PR23)
Deborah Christen (Aachen, Germany)

12:00 Fourth and Fifth Wave Project
12:00 Clinical Significance of Eosinophilia in Mastocytosis (PR26)
Hanneke Kluin-Nelemans (Groningen, Netherlands)
12:10 Pediatric Mastocytosis: Clinical Features and Course in various Forms of the Disease (PR29)
Magdalena Lange & Marek Niedoszytko (Gdansk, Poland)
12:20 Prognostic impact of monocytes in mastocytosis
Friederike Wortmann & Nikolas von Bubnoff (Lübeck, Germany)
12:30 Summary of Registry Projects and General Discussion
Peter Valent and ECNM Registry Group

12:40 Lunch Break

14:00 Closed ECNM Registry Steering Committee Meeting (Separate Room t.b.a.)

15:00 New Centers of the ECNM and other Networks
Experience from the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education
Elena Borzowa (Moscow, Russia)
15:20 Overview of the EMBREN Network
Frank Siebenhaar (Berlin Germany)
15:40 Experience of the National Research Center for Hematology in Diagnosis and Management of Adult Patients with Systemic Mastocytosis
Kira Lukina & Alla Kovrigina (Moscow, Russia)
16:00 New Histopathological Markers in SM and Presentation of the Salzburg Center of Excellence of the ECNM
Karl Sotlar (Salzburg, Austria)

16:20 Coffee Break

16:40 Session 5 – New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Concepts
Chairs: S. Broesby-Olsen & M. Triggiani
16:40 Hypertryptasemia and Related Disorders
Lawrence B. Schwartz (Richmond, VA, USA)
17:00 Management of Pediatric Mastocytosis
Magdalene Lange (Gdansk, Poland)
17:20 Diagnosis and Therapy of Concomitant Allergies in SM
Hanneke Oude Elberink (Groningen, Netherland)
17:40 Novel Bone Marrow Findings in Patients with MCAS with Elevated Tryptase: Diagnostic Implications
Mariana Castells (Boston, MA, USA)
18:00 Diagnostic Algorithms in Mast Cell Disorders: Status 2019
Michel Arock (Paris, France)
18:20 Use of KIT-targeting TKI in Indolent Systemic Mastocytosis
Cem Akin (Ann Arbor, MI, USA)

20:00 Dinner